Saturday, September 8, 2007

Connor and Elvis: My Dueling Boys...

When Connor was first neutered things looked as if they would bond. I had hope that my two baby boys would bond. I had hope that my two boys would bond. Honestly I would have loved that. Connor has my heart and Elvis is a close second.

Through bars it seemed to go well. One day we thought we would try all four. It started Teresa and Connor who we knew got along well before. Instant friendship there once again. Than Dallas...again went well. Ok so we are now trying Elvis...I hold Connor firmly...Rob puts Elvis (my nice sweet boy) on the bed and....Elvis lunges at Connor. I do the only thing I can I cover Connor with my hands. Ouch I loose a chunk.

Looking back I think a big mistake was putting Connor first. I think Elvis felt as if Connor was invading his "warren" though he had not been fully accepted yet.

Since than Dallas tends to herd Teresa and Connor away if Elvis is to close and Connor gets scared yet aggressive towards Elvis.

Connor is one we have noticed that he does NOT forget things. It's so sad because since than it seems Elvis wants to make amends.

We have a few ideas on how to try and deal with this.

1) On one side the hallway with the gate up Rob holding one bun petting and treats. Me on the other doing the same and than switch off.

2) The old smaller cages back to back with alittle space starting with 5mins going up to 30 mins.

3) Putting the trio in Elvis's cage let them get used to his scent.

4) Drive to my moms(30mins) house carriers facing each other than on the drive back switch there carriers.

5) Carriers facing each other during any cage cleaning.

P.S. End with a nice salad or some kind of treat in their pen so the associate all of it with something nice.




To Be Continued...

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