Monday, January 28, 2008

Where Does Wyatt Belong? Part Deux

Well on January 4, 2008 Wyatt went in for his neuter. He went through that with flying colors. Little by little his hormones are going down. Healing just fine.

We have tried him with the trio and for the most part it went well. Hopefully it will continue to go that way. He is just fine with Dallas, and Teresa ignores him for the most part.

Connor and him...yea Connor can be a butt. I swear that boy will turn my hair gray. He is such an little pest at times. Of course he is my baby.

I have not tried him with Elvis yet. I may this weekend if I have time. Not sure that I will though. In another post I will talk about Elvis and Chibi.

I don't know that they will bond but I am not giving up no matter how long it takes. So many things can happen.

The end goal is for them to all be bonded. Who knows if it will happen. They are all family so we have time. :P

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