Saturday, September 8, 2007

Connor and Elvis: My Dueling Boys...

When Connor was first neutered things looked as if they would bond. I had hope that my two baby boys would bond. I had hope that my two boys would bond. Honestly I would have loved that. Connor has my heart and Elvis is a close second.

Through bars it seemed to go well. One day we thought we would try all four. It started Teresa and Connor who we knew got along well before. Instant friendship there once again. Than Dallas...again went well. Ok so we are now trying Elvis...I hold Connor firmly...Rob puts Elvis (my nice sweet boy) on the bed and....Elvis lunges at Connor. I do the only thing I can I cover Connor with my hands. Ouch I loose a chunk.

Looking back I think a big mistake was putting Connor first. I think Elvis felt as if Connor was invading his "warren" though he had not been fully accepted yet.

Since than Dallas tends to herd Teresa and Connor away if Elvis is to close and Connor gets scared yet aggressive towards Elvis.

Connor is one we have noticed that he does NOT forget things. It's so sad because since than it seems Elvis wants to make amends.

We have a few ideas on how to try and deal with this.

1) On one side the hallway with the gate up Rob holding one bun petting and treats. Me on the other doing the same and than switch off.

2) The old smaller cages back to back with alittle space starting with 5mins going up to 30 mins.

3) Putting the trio in Elvis's cage let them get used to his scent.

4) Drive to my moms(30mins) house carriers facing each other than on the drive back switch there carriers.

5) Carriers facing each other during any cage cleaning.

P.S. End with a nice salad or some kind of treat in their pen so the associate all of it with something nice.




To Be Continued...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Where does Wyatt belong?

Rob (my husband) and I have discussed it so many times my head is spinning. When he is neutered we will see how it goes. Though we are leaning towards the trio.

I know are decision may sound weird since Elvis is solo but so much goes into it.

1) Elvis's pen is not big enough for two. We like our guys to have tons of room.

2) Elvis tends to do ok when apart but with no barriers goes nuts.

3) Trio does not attack what so ever not even if one goes up to him.

4) We tried Dallas (troublemaker) with Wyatt and Dallas went over and started grooming him right away.

5) We find Dallas and Wyatt laying side by side all the time.

6) A silly reason Dallas and Wyatt look so cute together.

7)Trio looks for Wyatt more than Elvis.

8) Elvis and my dog seemed to have bonded.

I rack my brain going over it all even though I won't know anything for sure till Wyatt gets snipped.None of this means we give up on Elvis joining them.

Wyatt and Dallas

Wyatt and Elvis


To be continued.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Culprits

Connor Grayson, a 3lb almost 2 year old, black polish bun. We bought him when he was 5 weeks old. We were told he was older and had no clue if it was true. (Neutered)

Connor is a daredevil with and attitude. Though he does know when you need him to be sweet. He can be very protective of what he thinks belongs to him. He has been known to be nippy.

Teresa Mekare is a 2lb 2-3 year old Aguti Netherland Dwarf. We got her when she was 6-9 months. Possibly. No idea for sure. (Spayed)

Teresa is a sweet cautious little girl. She tends to be just fine with males but far from nice to females. We call her the little mother because she seems to always be grooming someone.

Dallas Jinx Jones is a 4lb blue holland lop. We adopted him from 3bunnies Rabbit Rescue. He was turned in along with his brother. Previous owners could not afford to have his teeth removed due to malocusions. (Neutered)

Dallas is a tough boy. I honestly believe we are lucky he has no teeth. He tries to bite! He doesn't groom often, but has been.....guess who? Normally takes an instant dislike to others but when it's meant to be, it's instant.

Elvis Aaron is a 5lb bue eyed white bunny. We got him in January of '07. He was about 5 months old. (Neutered.)

Elvis is a sweet, active boy when he is alone. So far when put with others he is fine for a little then seems to irritate them.

Wyatt Earp is a 4lb blue lop-wooley-lion head mix, or so I am told. He was brought to our home by Jim D. (Not yet nuetered.)

Wyatt seems to be very laid back. Sure he isn't neutered yet not so sure how much it may change him. So far he seems to get along with them all.


To be continued....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wyatt Joins the Family

In between all that a bun came to our family with the intentions of him going to my mom once he was neutered. That was April 1st.

Well recently we came to the most important decision we love him. How can we let him go? Thank you Jim.

He is not neutered and will be ASAP. We will see how he does with the Elvis but he has had some interaction with the trio that went great.

I know its bad but I love the bond I have with Elvis and it scares me that I could lose it. First I think we will go for bonding with the trio.

I still plan on adding Elvis or at least trying it slowly. Who knows what will happen this is the start of a hopefully new bonds.


To be Continued....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

March 15, 2007 was an amazing nerve wracking day. Something we thought would never happen took place. Connor was neutered. From there bonding took a few twists and turns.

*Begin Quote*

(March 17, 2007)Looks like bonding between Elvis, Dallas, and Teresa is going to take a back burner. My DH and I have talked about it a lot and we would rather try and bond Connor and Elvis first. We are worried that Connor could end up alone. The two boys get along and either way we are willing to work at it. Connor has groomed him through the bars. No aggression.

(April 9, 2007)Well bonding here has been interesting. I got a nice chunck out of me for trying. It turns out Elvis is the one starting things with others. Than tries to look innocent after.

After awhile bnetween Dallas, Teresa, and Elvis they start picking on each other. Then after a bit the are fine. Then it starts again.

Between Dallas, Teresa, and Connor there has been grooming, sharing food, and just being near each other. There has been no aggression.

Between Elves and Connor... The first time Elvis saw connor he lunged out of my husband's hands and went straight for Connor. I was holding Connor so I covered him with my hands. He is so tiny it wasn't hard. Elvis managed to give me a nice bite on my hand.

Since that day we tried it one more time. Holding both tight. Poor Connor was so scared we put Elvis back. Took out Dallas and Teresa and he was fine.

How's this for bonding? I made a huge pen, divided it in half and then divided one half of that in half. Dallas and Teresa in the big half, Elvis and Connor each in one of the smaller ones.

(April 10, 2007)

Well the pen thing yesterday went well. No trying to attack each other. Connor is a little aggressive with grooming. He left poor Elvis with a little bald patch. They flop out next to each other through the cages. I plan on doing a week not changing the sheet, rotating them in everyday. Let them get used to each other's smells. Maybe a few weeks of this before I actually try and put Elvis and Connor together.

(April 18, 2007)

Well today right now I mean it right this second I am working with Dallas, Teresa, and Elvis.

Dallas is no longer trying to kick Elvis' butt. He is now mounting him. Elvis is just taking it (started today). I let him do it a little but I spray if they keep at it. Mind you he doesn't do it more than a few minutes. Yesterday I had Dallas, Teresa, and Connor together. I would say the same about them.

Dallas is such a butt. He is trying to say he is boss by beating people up. HELLO DALLAS! NO ONE IS ARGUING THAT! So chill!

(April 20, 2007)

I stopped trying with Elvis. He is just being a punk about it. So we started concentrating on just Dallas, Teresa, and Connor. Which seems to be going great!

I left them together almost all day yesterday, half the day before. We put them together this morning at 9am and it is now 4:37, they are still together and no fighting what-so-ever! Which is something I cannot say about the duo with Elvis. So as long as they keep getting along tonight we will try Connor, Dallas, and Teresa in the duo's cage. Then if that goes well we will try them in Connor's. If that goes well we will try it for a few days before making a bigger cage.

(April 21, 2007)

5 hours in Dallas and Teresa's cage, no issues yet.

(April 22, 2007)

They spent the night together and nothing. Ok, well nothing bad. They groomed, shared pellets, cuddled and so on.

*End Quote*


To Be Continued...