Monday, September 3, 2007

Alicia's Zoo Crew Bonding Journals

Monday August,September 3, 2007

I have a bonded trio and I love it! Ok, now that I have that out of the way I will explain why this is not part of Let's Talk About Rabbits.

I wanted to at first but I want the bonding journal to just flow on it's own. So it is another blog. That makes 8 blogs. Only 4 are on here.

Originally we had two rabbits, Ringo and Samantha. Sam hated Ringo and we could tell he was lonely. It made us sad, and then I met a tiny little girl bunny falling in love instantly. I thought ok, once the little one was old enough they would be fixed and put together. They got along well at least until puberty. My Pandora was a dream come true.

A month later another rabbit joined our family. She was so perfect that instantly we knew she could not leave. So I put this new addition who we will call Teresa with my baby girl Pandora, and instant friendship. Though we didn't put them together over night. Shoot they were only together if we could see them.

Thank god because I caught Pandora as she first started to mount Teresa. Picked her up and she became Connor, a male bunny. So, seperate them and no more play time together. Ok, well now we say ok let's get them all fixed and then bond.... boys get very sick. So they could not get fixed until they were off meds.

We took Teresa into be spayed and thinking the boys would not get neutered it would be ok to get her a friend. We started looking and found Dallas.

I had Dallas and Teresa meet a few times before hand. My mom was fostering Dallas. He mounted her at first but then would stop the first two times. Then brought him home and bam instant bonding. That was the beginning of December.

*Quotes from Original Blog*

(Nov. 6, 2006)Teresa's Bunny Date With DallasWell this is waaay over due. Teresa had her first bunny date. It went well. Some mounting on his part. At that time he was only 2 weeks post neuter. So... to be expected. No aggression.

Ok, so down to my feelings. Ever see a rabbit for that matter any animal for the first time and your heart scream he is mine? That was what it was like seeing Dallas. Mona opened his carrier and he looked out, glanced side to side, then walked right out. Mind you my dog, my mom's three dogs, and several people were there. He started walking around like he owned the place. Friendly as can be. How could I not love him? That attitude, that sense of being the "man". Plus that face was just too cute. He is adoption pending for us.

He will be one on Feb 9. Kind of funny, my parents' anni is Feb 10th. I can't wait till he is home with us, I am so happy but sad he isn't here yet. We would like him here for X-mas but if not then definately for his birthday.

(Nov. 30, 2006)Drive home.

It's going great!! They are grooming a little (both). No mounting. Eating with no fighting. He is flopping out.... I mean total flop.... Dead Bunny Flop! She doesn't flop much. They have been together an hour and a half. No problems, we are considering letting them stay together.

(Dec. 1, 2007)Today it is 7am and they are both in the pen. We set it in the living room so they will be next to me all day. He is flopped, she is doing binkies. As long as they don't fight they stay together. I am home all day so we'll see.

It's funny. He is flopped out, she will go over nose to nose. He creeps closer....lick. Look up. "What, I didn't groom her." She licks.... "What, I didn't groom him."

Well they are having a major mutual grooming session. I mean it was just awesome. I started crying. I must be such a dork.

(Dec. 2, 2007)Well last night we tried seperating them and they were so upset. Stomping their feet, flipping dishes, just plain mad. So we put them back together, so we put them back together to see. They both flopped out together, so we decided to try it. Not one fight I kept waking up to check, they were either grooming or cuddling.

Went out for a hew hours, came back and they were playing together. Cat tube and tent that she ignored she is now playing with because he is. They were both in the tent and it was so cute.

(Dec. 11, 2007)They were pushing the blanket around today. It was so cute. One pushes it one way, then the other pushes it back.

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Few days into them being together things were looking great.

In January we somehow got another bun. I swear I didn't plan it. That was our Elvis.

Four days after he joined us Connor started anew. Elvis was neutered and once hormones started going down we started putting them together for short spurts. Once we started longer bonding sessions we noticed Dallas would get annoyed if Elvis went over to Teresa.

*Quotes from Blog*

(Feb. 13, 2007)Other than some mounting from Elvis who is only one week neutered, no problems. They groomed Elvis.

*End Quotes*

It was as if Dallas did not want to share. Also I think Elvis was just too active for Dallas. Dallas tends to be a little laid back while Elvis is ALWAYS on the go.


To be continued......

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