Friday, September 7, 2007

Where does Wyatt belong?

Rob (my husband) and I have discussed it so many times my head is spinning. When he is neutered we will see how it goes. Though we are leaning towards the trio.

I know are decision may sound weird since Elvis is solo but so much goes into it.

1) Elvis's pen is not big enough for two. We like our guys to have tons of room.

2) Elvis tends to do ok when apart but with no barriers goes nuts.

3) Trio does not attack what so ever not even if one goes up to him.

4) We tried Dallas (troublemaker) with Wyatt and Dallas went over and started grooming him right away.

5) We find Dallas and Wyatt laying side by side all the time.

6) A silly reason Dallas and Wyatt look so cute together.

7)Trio looks for Wyatt more than Elvis.

8) Elvis and my dog seemed to have bonded.

I rack my brain going over it all even though I won't know anything for sure till Wyatt gets snipped.None of this means we give up on Elvis joining them.

Wyatt and Dallas

Wyatt and Elvis


To be continued.

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